Call Button
In case of a threatening situation – confrontational, aggressive behaviour or physical harm – the employee sets off a silent call via the discreetly placed call button. Feedback will be immediately available via an LED on the call button:
  • A) No LED: Resting state.
  • B) Red LED: Sending the call from the radio button.
  • C) Green LED: Call is successfully transmitted.


The server can be considered as control center of the overall system. Physically, it is a conventional, LAN-based MS Windows Personal computer on which a special component (the „Silent Radio Call“-Server) is installed and can be executed.

The Gateway provides a link between Call Button, Server and Radio-Displays.

It routes the call from a Call Button to the Radio- Displays and sends corresponding conformations back, in order to give a feedback for the affected persons.

One Gateway can support a large number of Radio- Displays and Call Buttons inside of its radio range.


The radio display receives the forwarded notification from the gateway.

Features & elements of the radio displays:

  • - Display at the Room ID
  • - Display the radio calls
  • - Acoustic signal
  • - LED display
  • - Confirmation button

In the two-sided version the display additionally shows e.g. the employees name.